Friday, August 5, 2011

The Peacock Painting

Peelu's acrylic peacock

I just had to do a separate post for Peelu's peacock. I absolutely LOVE this painting of hers. I got the idea from Sweet & Lovely Crafts. I love peacocks and just thought it would be so fun for Peelu who LOVES to paint and loves really experiencing color- hence the paint-your-hand peacock project!

Peelu's Peacock fair entry #1

We of course knew it was going to be a very colorful peacock...because...well because it was Peelu. She started with a beautiful turquoise base color.

Peelu's Peacock fair entry #2

And the colors grew from there as she chose whatever tickled her fancy. I really enjoyed watching her try to decide which hand to paint. She's left handed but she thought she wanted to "stamp" with her left hand but then she didn't hold the brush as well with her right hand. Needless to say, the paint brush was slimy with color.

Peelu's Peacock fair entry  #3

And the peacock was beautiful.

Peelu's Peacock fair entry #4

And she ended up with both hands equally immersed in paint, and a few splatters on her face. She's a pretty cute artist if I do say so myself.

Serious painter

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  1. What a grat idea! I love painting and peacocks too! When I have kids some day, I'll try this with them! Thanks for the idea!