Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Art Auction Project: Dog Portrait Samples Completed

11x14 sample dog portrait completed canvas

Okay, here's how our samples turned out.......above you will see our first sample that I put together of "realistic colored dogs".  For the record, R drew and colored the Siberian Husky and the "Blue Dog" in the lower right hand corner.  S drew the Chocolate Lab in the lower left hand corner and I drew the other three dogs.  "Blue Dog" is our Australian Cattle Dog, Scully, (who really is a blue dog!), the "Chocolate Lab" is our beloved dog Jack who died last Summer and the hairy black & white English Springer Spaniel is our newest family member, Joe.  The other three dogs were just fun figments of our imagination.

With this canvas, I learned a few lessons.  First off, you can see the smudges from some fingers on the wax paper around the edges of the square.  And also, some of the permanent markers bled as I applied the wash of Mod Podge to adhere them to the canvas.  The cool things I learned though, are that they apply really easily and the wax paper (as Kathy said in her post) does kind of suck into the canvas and it looks like the portraits are painted on when it dries.  I changed a few things on the next canvas.
Second 11X14 dog portrait sample before gluing

First off, you can see here that I trimmed around each of these portraits.  I also realized their is a dryer side to the wax paper and a slicker side.  The markers work fabulously on both sides.  But the dryer side seemed to have more "teeth" for the markers to grab onto and it seemed less inclined to bleed on this side.  So we colored on the dry side of the paper, but when I put them on the canvas I put this side face down so that my actual brush stroked were on the wax side and not seeming to carry the color away . One caveat - this did make all the images "backward" on the canvas, but for this purpose it did not matter on any of the dogs in our samples or the ones from the class.

11x14 dog portrait sample

Peelu also got in on the action and made her own canvas all by herself.

Peelu's Dog Art Canvas Sample
Peelu's Dog Samples

And here are the two sample canvases all finished and ready to show the class.

The two dog portrait sample canvases together

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