Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Art Auction Project: The Dogs in Color

Dog drawings in class #5

I started the lesson this day with a lecture on how we handle permanent markers as a medium.  Safety and courtesy and cleanliness issues were addressed.  Then I showed them how to put the wax paper over their pencil drawings (they could tape them down if necessary) and start tracing their dogs with a marker.  The cool part was that they could spend as long as they wanted on their pencil drawings, and erase as many times as they needed to until they felt their drawing was what they wanted.  And then they could put the wax paper over it and only trace the lines they wanted for their dog design.  This seemed to help with any drawing anxiety that might have popped up.  Really, this group of kids was amazingly fun and supportive to teach and I don't think I heard one "I can't" during the class sessions.

Dog drawings in class #1

I did go through the wax paper and put an R on the dryer side of the paper that I wanted them to draw on for ease when I applied the dogs to the canvas.

Marking right side of wax paper

A few kids needed an extra sheet of wax paper but really they mostly had it down and worked quite diligently.

Dog drawings in class #3

I did tell them that they had to hand into me their completed "realistic" colored dog first, before they could start on their "crazy" colored dog.

Dog drawings in class #2

Oh I almost forgot, I went over how to color with the permanent markers and how to keep the colors from bleeding into one another.  I also told them to start with light colors first and add the darker colors on top and then to outline the dogs when done to make them stand out.

More dogs to draw #4

And I told them the strokes of their markers could simulate coat texture and of course could add to the patterns on their crazy dogs.  I adored the kids in Mrs. S's class and was so happy with how they took right to all of my "dog responsibility" lectures and then made such wonderful art afterwards.  Now I just had to figure out how to get all this artwork onto the canvases......and not ruin anything....

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