Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Art Auction Project: The Dogs on Canvas

Starting to glue down...eek.

Now the scary part...EEK!

Now for the hard part...putting it all together

R helped me VERY carefully cut out each dog.

R helping me cut out dog portraits VERY CAREFULLY

And then the gluing down commenced....

All the portraits are now cut out

My carpenter husband cringed as he watched me eyeball the "even-ness" of the dog portraits as I placed them on the canvas.

Trying to keep the images as even as possible

It was a bit agonizing at first as I would get them in place, walk around the table and eyeball them to see if they were even and then I'd let loose with a big sigh.....and blow the thin pieces of wax paper all over the place!

More close-ups of art auction dog project #5

Eventually I got them all glued down.  I used a slightly watered down version of Modge Podge in matte finish.  It was a slow process as sometimes even with all my precautions, a marker would bleed and usually I could catch it in the next stroke and wipe it off, then clean my brush again and then go back over it very delicately.  I initially put each dog on individually and then once they were all on and dried, I went back over the entire canvas in broad strokes with the glue concoction.  The next day I went over each canvas again.

More close-ups of art auction dog project #4
More close-ups of art auction dog project #2

The wax paper does crinkle a bit on some of the images.  But it's pretty hard to see the wrinkle once it dries because as Kathy said, the wax paper does suck into the canvas and the image looks like it is painted on there once it is dry.

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