Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 Art Auction Project: First Day in Classroom

Drawing Posters for Dog Art Class

I have been a dog leader of a 4-H club for about 13 years now.  And I really, really enjoy it.  I especially love teaching kids about how to be responsible dog owners and how to be safe around dogs.  When I was a kid, back in the dark ages, I was also in dog 4-H.  And frankly, I was not the greatest dog trainer, but boy did I love looking at and learning as many dog breeds as I could.  I figured this would be such a great opportunity to share this good stuff with the kids, while we were creating great art.  Yes, I nagged Mrs. S to let me spend extra time on this dog information, all under the guise that this would help us better understand how to draw dogs.

Drawing Posters for Dog Art Class

First, I talked to them about my love of dogs and then we sat in a circle and passed around a small stuffed dogs.  When the dog came around to a child, they could share some info about their own dog or a dog they know.  We talked about what it takes to keep a dog healthy and happy and how big of a responsibility it is to own a dog.  Then we talked about the AKC dog breed groups and how and why dog breeds were grouped into specific dog breed groups.  We figured out they were grouped by their "jobs".  And then we talked about what kind of jobs that dogs have had over the years and how they were specifically bred to do these certain jobs.  We discussed that because dogs were bred for different jobs that also meant that different dogs would have different temperments and behaviors and that we should respect that and understand that not all dog breeds are good for every family.  We also identified that dogs in each dog breed group had certain similarities, often in their coloring and coats and body type.  This was my segue into the art portion of our day.  I had to get there eventually!

Drawing Posters for Dog Art Class

I showed the kids the two samples that we made.  They oohed and ahhhed and that made me feel good.  They laughed when I showed them Peelu's sample and told them that S & R's dad had made that one.  And then I brought out the above posters that I created and we talked about them and then we just all doodled for a bit.  I talked about how to do simple dogs, just using common shapes and showed them my doodles on the class camera screen.  But really, they were all off and running for this first day.

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