Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 Art Auction Project: Second Day in the Classroom

My 4-pack with my sample dog.

Now we were getting down to some good dog art.  But first I used some dog photos from my 4-H club and gave each child a breed photo and taped it on their back.  Then we played a game trying to guess what dog breed they were.  That got the wiggles out and then they listened to my art rules.  We talked about drawing lightly and practicing, practicing, practicing.  I also wanted the kids to get used to making their dogs roughly a certain size so they would look fairly consistent on the canvas (at least size wise).  So I came up with my "4-pack" drawing sheet.  Basically squares drawn on a paper that the kids could use as a guideline.  I wanted them to try and fill the whole square with their dog's portrait.  I also drew up a "dog 4-pack" sheet with a plain sample of a dog in the corner to also help them with size determination and simplicity of lines.  I was a bit hesitant to do that as I worried I'd get a bunch of kids just copying my dog.  But I explained to them what it was for and not one kid copied my dog.

Dog drawings in class #4

Some kids drew several dogs and practiced over and over.  While some kids drew just one dog and they were good with that. I went over the dog coat color poster again and talked about realistic colored dogs.

Drawing Posters for Dog Art Class

Then I told them we would be drawing TWO dogs.  One would be done in realistic colors with realistic dog coat markings.

11x14 sample dog portrait completed canvas

The other dog would be done in fantastical colors and/or with patterns or fun additions.  The artist, Heather Galler's AMAZING dog portraits were our inspiration here.

11x14 dog portrait sample

They could use the same dog portrait that they drew, or they could use two different ones.  Tomorrow we would break out the Sharpies!

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