Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Art Auction Project: Who Let the Dogs Out

Art Auction Dog Portraits from Mrs. S's 3rd grade class

Yay!  The dogs are finished!!  And they turned out beyond my expectations.  We got so many compliments on the canvases as I walked them back into the school to show the kids in Mrs. S's class how they turned out.....

More close-ups of art auction dog project #6

They voted on names for their art pieces.  The one above became "Who Let the Dogs Out".  And the one below became "Rainbow Dogs".

"Mrs. S's Rainbow Dogs"

The kids wanted to know how I put their dogs onto the canvas and so I brought in a mini canvas and I drew up a little french bulldog.  I got out the watered down Modge Podge and glued the dog onto the mini canvas right there and the kids all came up to check it out.  They were amazed at how fast it dried and how amazing it looked on the canvas. I can see that I may need to make a series of these for our house maybe....hmmmmm...

My French Bulldog Sample

After the kids voted on the names for the artworks, I went home and wrote the title of each artwork, the date and then each child's name in Mrs. S's class all around the canvases.

More close-ups of art auction dog project #1

The kids voted to use the "realistic colored" dogs canvas for the school's art auction and then voted to give the "crazy colored" dogs canvas to Mrs. S herself for teacher appreciation week (which was coincidentally happening just about then).  The auction piece was the object of a bidding war (nothing crazy, but funny nonetheless) and gave our school's PTC some needed funds that are now earmarked specifically for arts programs for our school.  But the best part - as I was volunteering in the "art display" room during the auction - was that every kid in Mrs. S's class proudly (and I mean, proudly) dragged their parents in to show them their dog.  THAT is cool.

Art Auction Dog Portraits from Mrs. S's 3rd grade class


  1. This is GREAT!! I'm in charge of our school's class room art projects for the school's number 1 fund raiser for the year. I'm always looking for creative and neat ideas. I'm assuming each kid drew a dog and you somehow transferred the images onto the canvas? How did you transfer them, that's the part I'm stumped on? Thanks

    1. Hi There! Go to one of my first posts on this project and you will see the link to the Art Projects for Kids project that is where I got this idea from: It is very cool!

  2. Hi Kellie. I love how this turned out. I checked out the 2012/04/2012-art-auction-project post in the link above and I see that you have the waxed paper which the kids colored in. But then, did you actually modge podge the waxed paper onto the top of a blank canvas? Did you cut out precisely around each dog first? Just trying to see how this was done - it looks like it is printed on the canvas.