Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dizzy Grannies

Week 12 -Spiral Grannies

Week 12

Spiral Grannies were very interesting to make.  Fun but a bit of a tangled mess.  We had a week off from the crochet-along to catch up and I had already tried my hand at one of these grannies just for fun.  So I was very happy to see this was th next square chosen.  Only had to make two more.  A fun addition to the Granny Square Sampler crochet-along.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leathercrafting Dude

S with two of his leather projects

S was also in a 4-H leather craft club this year as a Cloverbud (k-3rd grade).  They can only earn participation ribbons as Cloverbuds in 4-H, but they got to talk directly with a judge (in his case two older high school girl judges) about the pieces they entered.  Here are the two amazing pieces he entered, although he made quite a few items throughout the club year.

S's cool leather turtle

His scrappy turtle.  He cut out and glued the pieces on and then hand laced the hole thing.  The lacing was the true accomplishment for him, as that was hard work.

His self designed Transformer

He was quite into drawing Transformers this year.  His leaders were amazed that he designed this and then cut it out with a swivel knife all by himself.  Not traditional leather crafting, but crazy cool just the same - that's my boy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

M's 2012 County Fair Entries

M with all of her 2012 fair entries

It's quite possible her entries weighed more than she did.  She's definitely following in her sibling's footsteps if "large amounts of fair entries" is any indication!

M's Rainbow Mermaids
Colored Pencils "Rainbow Mermaids Swimming"

M's Mixed Media Entry
Mixed Media "Printmaking with acrylic and coloring designs with markers"

M's Crayon Entry
Crayon "The Doggies in My Life" Jack (who died last summer), Joe, Frankie (my parent's dachshund), Scully

M's watercolor love
Watercolor "Hearts and hearts and hearts..."  I LOVE this piece, although you can tell when she got tired.

Peelu's Rainbow Collage
Collage "Rainbow in the sky"  This is my other favorite piece of hers.  She was amazingly patient and quite exacting with her yarn placement.  I don't even think I could have gotten it that even by myself.

Marker "The Scooby Gang"  We watch A LOT of Scooby.

M's papier mache bowl
Papier Mache Recycled fruit container with papier mache and paint.

M's Nature Craft
Nature Art  "Crayon Melted Rock"

M's Acrylic Bird in nest
Acrylic "Finger and handprint painting of birdie in nest"

M's jewelry entry for fair
Jewelry "Shrinky Dink designed necklace"

M with her recycled glass entry
Recycled Art "Glass Garden Sculpture"

M's Needle Felted Butterfly
Felting - Needle "Butterfly"

M's wet felted rainbow
Felting - Wet "Rainbow"  Can you tell she likes rainbows?  I don't know where she gets it from.

M's photographs for fair
Her photographs - Our dog Scully, her Papa, and her garden gnome.  "Her treasures" she said.

I realize that Peelu is the youngest and tries really, really hard to keep up with her siblings.  But I am still constantly surprised with her talent at barely 5 years old.  Of course, I'm prejudiced. 

S's 2012 County Fair Entries

  S's 2012 Fair Entries

Totally overdoing our county fair arts & crafts entries as usual!  Now it's S's turn.

S's Papier Mache
Papier Mache "Clone Warrior Helmet"

S's marker art
Marker "Boba Fett Pop Art"

S's acrylic Eye of Osiris
Acrylic "Eye of Osiris"

S's Crayon Fair Entry
Crayon "Harry"

S's pencil Transformer
Pencil "My Transformer"

S's Dreaming of Egypt watercolor
Watercolor "Egypt"

S's Dog Hall of Fame
Colored Pencil "Dog Hall of Fame"  I LOVED this piece.  It's not his best at coloring in, but he created a "famous" dog character, using our dogs and friend's dog's made up as that famous character.  Darn, that boy's creativity amazes me!

S's Mixed Media Egyptian Tomb
Collage "Ancient Egyptian Tomb"

S's wood burned wolf
Woodcraft "Wood burned wolf"

S's Needle Felted Entry
Felting - Needle "Our backyard bee hives"

S with his Best in Show for Youth Felted Item
Felting - Wet "Solar System"  He won Best in Show for youth felting with this!!

S's photography
His photographs

I like how S always seems to work in themes. This year it was apparently Star Wars and Egypt.  Hmmm....the ancient past and the future?  Nothing like diversity with my boy!

R's 2012 County Fair Entries

R's 2012 Fair Entries

Boy, Oh, Boy did R push her arts & crafts limits this year for fair! I made the mistake of giving the fair premium book to the kids this year, telling them to figure out what they wanted to make and enter for fair.  That might have been a mistake.

I think R entered over 20 items.  We have created monsters.  Actually Ross says it's all my fault.

R's pencil wolf
Pencil Wolf

R's Mixed Media
Mixed Media "Blowin' Dandelions"  Watercolor and Marker

R's colored pencil
Colored Pencil - Fair Theme

R's watercolor

R's acrylic color quilt

R's heart collage sampler
Collage "Much Love"

R's Recycled Art
Recycled Art "Tin Can Vase with Egg Carton Flowers"

Frida in Pen & Ink
Pen & Ink "Frida & Friend"

R's Crayon Sugar Skull
Crayon "Sugar Skull"

R's Papier Mach Blue Dog up-close
Papier Mache "Our very own blue dog"

R's Marker Dogs
Marker "Pop Art Dogs"  She won Best in Show for 7-9 year olds with this one!!

R's wet felted flower
Felting - Wet "Summer Flower"

R's felted wool sugar skull
Felting -Needle "Sugar Skull"

R's Ode to Frida necklace
Jewelry "Shrinky Dink Ode to Frida" necklace

R's Photography
Her photographs

Phew!  I don't even think that is everything.  But I am running out of room.  I can't believe she created this much art.  She amazes me.  Leaves my craft room a wreck, but she amazes me.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Popcorn Flower Grannies

Week 11 - Popcorn Flower Grannies

Week 11

One of my favorites.  I love popcorn stitches.  This made for a very texturally fun flower to add to the Granny Square Sampler. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hearts in Watercolor & Collage

I'm getting tired, Mama...

We were inspired by this beautiful watercolor design (actually "v"s and not hearts, but we adapted the idea a bit.  Peelu LOVES her watercolors.

Summer watercolor hearts #1

But halfway through the hearts and she was tuckered out.  Of course her dear Mama encouraged her to finish and that's why you can see the hearts got progressively bigger and blurrier.  But still, this is one of my most favorite pieces of Peelu's art.  In fact it's going up in the living room.  Soon.

M's watercolor love

Then we had another heart project from yet another Pinterest inspiration, this time from the artist Elizabeth Rosen.

R's Heart Collage #1

R spent quite a while hand cutting her squares and her hearts and combining the two.

R's heart collage sampler

And it turned out to be a nice, sweet collage that will also find a place in the living room, I think.

Close-up Heart Collage Sampler