Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Felting Bee Hives & Solar Systems

S's Felted Solar System

S took a page from his sister and started his needle felting design by using a piece of felted sweater as a base.

Summer Needle Felting: Bee Hive #1

The design was totally his's a scene of our backyard bee hives.

Summer Needle Felting: Bee Hive #2

Pretty Creative that boy is!

S's Needle Felted Entry

Then he got his turn at the sink for some wet felting.  And boy was that wonderful wool roving all over the pace by then!

Luscious rainbow wool for felting

I think the purple and blues in this roving I had from Spinning Awesome Good made his decision on doing something space related.

Summer Wet Felting: Solar System#2

Then off to pick through some colors for planets...

Summer Wet Felting: Solar System#1

Making them all fit.

Summer Wet Felting: Solar System#3

Then rolling, rolling, rolling and scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing.....S doesn't like to listen to directions sometimes and he really had to work his piece quite a bit as the planets were not adhering at first and felting together.  And Mama doesn't know best apparently.  But that boy of mine.....he kept going and insisting he knew what he was doing....

Summer Wet Felting: Solar System#5

..and by Jove he did.  He got the Best in Show for youth wet felting.  That boy.

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