Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Felting Flowers & Sugar Skulls

R's felted wool sugar skull

First came the wet felting of the flower background.

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#1

Hot, soapy water.

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#2

Such a pretty color combo, but she did fold it back over on itself to make it thicker.

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#3

Then the flower designing.

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#4

More hot, soapy water and a good squish down.

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#5

Then roll it up and roll, roll, roll.

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#6

Rinse in cold water and let it dry!

Summer Wet Felting: Flower#7

Then vibrant, flowery gorgeousness....

 R's wet felted flower

Then the needle felting started while other siblings were commandeering the sink for their wet felting.

Summer Needle Felting: Sugar Skull #1

It started with her ingenious idea of using an old felted white sweater as the base.  She cut out a skull shape and then broke out the needles.

Summer Needle Felting: Sugar Skull #2

I was pretty impressed that she just made up the design as she went along.  And it turned out darn cool.

Felted Sugar Skull again

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