Friday, August 3, 2012

Hearts in Watercolor & Collage

I'm getting tired, Mama...

We were inspired by this beautiful watercolor design (actually "v"s and not hearts, but we adapted the idea a bit.  Peelu LOVES her watercolors.

Summer watercolor hearts #1

But halfway through the hearts and she was tuckered out.  Of course her dear Mama encouraged her to finish and that's why you can see the hearts got progressively bigger and blurrier.  But still, this is one of my most favorite pieces of Peelu's art.  In fact it's going up in the living room.  Soon.

M's watercolor love

Then we had another heart project from yet another Pinterest inspiration, this time from the artist Elizabeth Rosen.

R's Heart Collage #1

R spent quite a while hand cutting her squares and her hearts and combining the two.

R's heart collage sampler

And it turned out to be a nice, sweet collage that will also find a place in the living room, I think.

Close-up Heart Collage Sampler

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