Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leathercrafting Dude

S with two of his leather projects

S was also in a 4-H leather craft club this year as a Cloverbud (k-3rd grade).  They can only earn participation ribbons as Cloverbuds in 4-H, but they got to talk directly with a judge (in his case two older high school girl judges) about the pieces they entered.  Here are the two amazing pieces he entered, although he made quite a few items throughout the club year.

S's cool leather turtle

His scrappy turtle.  He cut out and glued the pieces on and then hand laced the hole thing.  The lacing was the true accomplishment for him, as that was hard work.

His self designed Transformer

He was quite into drawing Transformers this year.  His leaders were amazed that he designed this and then cut it out with a swivel knife all by himself.  Not traditional leather crafting, but crazy cool just the same - that's my boy!

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