Wednesday, August 8, 2012

M's 2012 County Fair Entries

M with all of her 2012 fair entries

It's quite possible her entries weighed more than she did.  She's definitely following in her sibling's footsteps if "large amounts of fair entries" is any indication!

M's Rainbow Mermaids
Colored Pencils "Rainbow Mermaids Swimming"

M's Mixed Media Entry
Mixed Media "Printmaking with acrylic and coloring designs with markers"

M's Crayon Entry
Crayon "The Doggies in My Life" Jack (who died last summer), Joe, Frankie (my parent's dachshund), Scully

M's watercolor love
Watercolor "Hearts and hearts and hearts..."  I LOVE this piece, although you can tell when she got tired.

Peelu's Rainbow Collage
Collage "Rainbow in the sky"  This is my other favorite piece of hers.  She was amazingly patient and quite exacting with her yarn placement.  I don't even think I could have gotten it that even by myself.

Marker "The Scooby Gang"  We watch A LOT of Scooby.

M's papier mache bowl
Papier Mache Recycled fruit container with papier mache and paint.

M's Nature Craft
Nature Art  "Crayon Melted Rock"

M's Acrylic Bird in nest
Acrylic "Finger and handprint painting of birdie in nest"

M's jewelry entry for fair
Jewelry "Shrinky Dink designed necklace"

M with her recycled glass entry
Recycled Art "Glass Garden Sculpture"

M's Needle Felted Butterfly
Felting - Needle "Butterfly"

M's wet felted rainbow
Felting - Wet "Rainbow"  Can you tell she likes rainbows?  I don't know where she gets it from.

M's photographs for fair
Her photographs - Our dog Scully, her Papa, and her garden gnome.  "Her treasures" she said.

I realize that Peelu is the youngest and tries really, really hard to keep up with her siblings.  But I am still constantly surprised with her talent at barely 5 years old.  Of course, I'm prejudiced. 

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