Wednesday, August 8, 2012

R's 2012 County Fair Entries

R's 2012 Fair Entries

Boy, Oh, Boy did R push her arts & crafts limits this year for fair! I made the mistake of giving the fair premium book to the kids this year, telling them to figure out what they wanted to make and enter for fair.  That might have been a mistake.

I think R entered over 20 items.  We have created monsters.  Actually Ross says it's all my fault.

R's pencil wolf
Pencil Wolf

R's Mixed Media
Mixed Media "Blowin' Dandelions"  Watercolor and Marker

R's colored pencil
Colored Pencil - Fair Theme

R's watercolor

R's acrylic color quilt

R's heart collage sampler
Collage "Much Love"

R's Recycled Art
Recycled Art "Tin Can Vase with Egg Carton Flowers"

Frida in Pen & Ink
Pen & Ink "Frida & Friend"

R's Crayon Sugar Skull
Crayon "Sugar Skull"

R's Papier Mach Blue Dog up-close
Papier Mache "Our very own blue dog"

R's Marker Dogs
Marker "Pop Art Dogs"  She won Best in Show for 7-9 year olds with this one!!

R's wet felted flower
Felting - Wet "Summer Flower"

R's felted wool sugar skull
Felting -Needle "Sugar Skull"

R's Ode to Frida necklace
Jewelry "Shrinky Dink Ode to Frida" necklace

R's Photography
Her photographs

Phew!  I don't even think that is everything.  But I am running out of room.  I can't believe she created this much art.  She amazes me.  Leaves my craft room a wreck, but she amazes me.

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