Wednesday, August 8, 2012

S's 2012 County Fair Entries

  S's 2012 Fair Entries

Totally overdoing our county fair arts & crafts entries as usual!  Now it's S's turn.

S's Papier Mache
Papier Mache "Clone Warrior Helmet"

S's marker art
Marker "Boba Fett Pop Art"

S's acrylic Eye of Osiris
Acrylic "Eye of Osiris"

S's Crayon Fair Entry
Crayon "Harry"

S's pencil Transformer
Pencil "My Transformer"

S's Dreaming of Egypt watercolor
Watercolor "Egypt"

S's Dog Hall of Fame
Colored Pencil "Dog Hall of Fame"  I LOVED this piece.  It's not his best at coloring in, but he created a "famous" dog character, using our dogs and friend's dog's made up as that famous character.  Darn, that boy's creativity amazes me!

S's Mixed Media Egyptian Tomb
Collage "Ancient Egyptian Tomb"

S's wood burned wolf
Woodcraft "Wood burned wolf"

S's Needle Felted Entry
Felting - Needle "Our backyard bee hives"

S with his Best in Show for Youth Felted Item
Felting - Wet "Solar System"  He won Best in Show for youth felting with this!!

S's photography
His photographs

I like how S always seems to work in themes. This year it was apparently Star Wars and Egypt.  Hmmm....the ancient past and the future?  Nothing like diversity with my boy!

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