Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cut Paper Snow Globes

Snow Globe Art

This cute lesson turned into Holiday cards for Miss L's penpal class. First, Miss L took a full body photo of each child in class. Then I brought in some patterned paper that I had already drawn a circle (coffee can lid size)on the back of and each child cut out the circle of the paper they chose, as well as the photo of themselves.

Snow Globe Art

Out of scratch colored paper they made a "stand" for their snow globe. They glued that and the circle onto the front of their card. The only other project requirement was that they had to create something else in the globe with their photo and they had to create it out of detailed cut paper. Ideas were - Santa Claus, deer, Christmas trees, penguins, snowmen, etc. After they glued on their cut paper element and their photo, they were allowed to apply some "3D snow" (white puffy paint I made with shaving cream) and glitter.

 Snow Globe Art

These turned out darn cute and were surprisingly easy to make!

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