Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wise Owls

Wise Owls #1

 You might think I am having a bit of an owl obsession here. But they are a pretty fun (and popular) subject to create art with - plus it's Fall. Well if you recall, this is the first year I split S & R up in their own class. (They're twins, in case you didn't know.) Miss L, S's teacher has asked me to come in and teach art lesson twice a month in their class. Well Mrs. Z saw the Big, Messy , Fearless Owls in the 4th grade wing common area and asked if I could come in and teach R's class art lesson as well. Geesh! You don't have to ask this artsy craft geek twice! I got this cool idea from Artsy T here. Some of our family examples before I taught the class:

My wise owl sample #3 My wise owl sample #1 071S's Wise Owl Sample My wise owl sample #2 My wise owl sample #4 R's Wise Owl Sample M's Wise Owl Sample

Really easy lesson to teach. I bought an old dictionary at the library bookstore for $1. Then I pulled out about 40 pages to use in class.

Creating their wise owls #5

First the kids practiced drawing some owls in notebooks and on scratch paper. Then they took to the dictionary pages with the markers. Get it.....WISE owls...on DICTIONARY pages...get it??

Creating their wise owls #4 Creating their wise owls #3 Creating their wise owls #1

When they finished, the glued them to 9x13 black construction paper and hung them out for display. Many compliments from around school on them.

Wise Owls #2

Best $1 I've spent in a while!

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