Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snowy Day Art - Literature & Art Connection

Snowy Day Kindergarten Art

Here is an easy art project for younger grades with fluffy snow and a great book - The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

 Snowy Day Kindergarten Art  

Various blue 9x12 construction papers
9x12 white construction paper cut in half
"snow" paint

 Snowy Day Kindergarten Art

Since we were all using the same scene for our artwork, I wanted as much variety as we could get so I had the kids draw their own Peter rather than use a template or a photocopy. We did do a directed-line drawing though. And they did very well, especially for kindergarteners!

 Snowy Day Kindergarten Art

We talked about the lovely color of Peter's skin and the bright orange of his suit. I encouraged the kids to try to mix their orange from yellow and red, rather than just use the orange crayon. Some of them also tried to make their own brown for Peter's skin.

 Snowy Day Kindergarten Art

The kids then cut out their Peter and glued him to a blue construction paper. They could then use white and light blue crayons to make snowflakes. Then they got to use the magic snow paint (a recipe I found on-line made with shaving cream) to make fun, squishy, 3D snow drifts.

Snowy Day Kindergarten Art Snowy Day Kindergarten Art

I LOVE the different varieties of Peters in their artwork! And needless to say, the magic snow paint was a hit!

 Snowy Day Kindergarten Art Snowy Day Kindergarten Art Snowy Day Kindergarten Art

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